2015 Flarida Farm Clinic Schedule

Don’t miss this unique opportunity for three full days of personal training with Shawn Flarida. These clinics have been held annually since 2010 and always fill quickly. The 2015 clinic dates are April 30-May 2 and July 9-11. Reservations are taken on a first come/first served basis, so be sure to act quickly and send in your reservation form today. Please email ksheds@aol.com for any questions or to get your reservation form. We look forward to seeing you at the farm!

SIGN UP! Shawn’s “Personal Trainer” Online Videos!

The Personal Trainer Series has now been live for over a year and continues to grow each month. This innovative concept will allow everyone to participate in Shawn’s clinics, no matter where you live. “Since the clinics will be held on the web, there is no limit to the number of riders I can work with each month,” says Shawn. “Over the years, I have always been disappointed that we have had to turn folks away from my clinics.” Shawn’s “Personal Training Series” mirrors the clinics he has done over the years, but without the time limit of a normal clinic, he will be able to delve a little deeper in to each maneuver and spend more time helping you work through any problems. He has covered everything from selecting a prospect, equipment, starting your two year old to correcting issues with a finished reining horse. There is something for everyone and the learning never stops. In addition, Shawn enjoys hearing from his subscribers and answers every question during an episode. With the first episodes airing in 2010, members have been very happy with what they are learning. The episodes are filmed on a monthly basis and are featuring in-depth training techniques as well as a video diary on Shawn’s three-year-old prospects as they prepare for the fall futurity season. Ing. Mario Chamorro, Panama, Central America, recently wrote “I had a show last weekend. My mare is 4 years old and is very nervous, even on trails she’s spooky. Last time I showed her, she would not stand still at the center of the arena and it was a disaster. I did what Shawn advised and it worked!!!! I galloped her and let her rest in the middle, if she moved…spins! Moved again = spins! It’s the best set of runs we’ve put together. I’m really happy!” Dawn R. recently shared in an online forum, “Shawn Flarida’s Personal Training Series is incredible. I love that he tells us what he is going to do and discusses the expected results. Then he shows us and reveiws the results of a particular maneuver. I really like how he is able to break down each maneuver and it is explained well enough for this rookie to understand! I highly recommend the series.” Just click on the “Subscribe” button to the right & get started on Shawn’s “Personal Training Series”.


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